​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

Footnotes:  (a) Third From the left in the back row: Dr. Mary Stone (Dean of The Elizabeth Danforth Memorial Hospital; 但福德醫院);

(b) Fourth from the left in the back row; Ms. Jennie V. Hughes (Principal of The Knowles Bible Training School for Women);

and (c) Dr. Stone's mother is seated in the front row.

A Second Visit to Kiukiang (第二次来到九江)

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By Dr. Edward Carter Perkins <裴敬思醫生>,  A Second Visit to Kiukiang. Nanking, October 3, 1913.

There is no publisher information within the book itself, and no publisher information could be found anywhere thus far.  It also appears to be completely out of print and circulation.

I may have in my possession the last two copies of this book.  It is very short, just 19 pages, including the cover. And so, it is more of a pamphlet. 

I believe I can legally post this aging pamphlet, but again, the posting here is just for reading only and not distributing.