"Left to right: William Nast,Danforth,Rulison,Knowles,and Water of Life graduates of 1934 on our lawn {OC}" 


Newly Graduated Physicians and Nurses Being Enlisted.

"These were six of our nurses who went away to join the Southern Army Medical Division.They now rank as doctors.We might have been annoyed to have them leave,but kept up a friendly relationship - and not long ago this photo was taken at their request. {OC}" 


WLH Graduations - Page B

"(Bessie is absent on furlough) Water of Life Hospital supervising nursing - two were absent off on vacation;one on night duty. May,1937.Kiukiang {OC}" 

"One of our last year's graduates now working at WuHu General Hospital. {OC}" 

Original Captions on the Back of the Photo: "The Very Last Graduating Class of WLH, Kiukiang, China {OC}"

"W.L.H. graduates May 12 1933. {OC}" 

​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

"Year-I or the first year group of W.L.H. students. {OC}" 

"Our graduating class with the foreign staff. {OC}" 

"1932 graduates Dee & Bessie. {OC}" 


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