​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

"View of Kiukiang, farmers plowing of

the fields,  and the Episcopal Mission Church

from our new house {OC}"

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Views of Kiukiang from the Compound of The New Water of Life Hospital (WLH) <九江生命活水醫院> and Areas Nearby, ca. 1932

"The Pagoda (大胜塔) from the our upper piazza; street between walls in foreground {OC}"


"The view of the ancient pagoda (大胜塔) from Elizabeth Ploeg's window {OC}"  

"View to north - the town of Kiukiang - from our attic stairway window {OC}"

The Old Kiukiang <江西, 九江> – Page C: From The Eyes of WLH

"At work on new and the first air plane field, Kiukiang, 1940; I was told there were >10,000 or more men work there. {OC}"

"In the foreground are Chinese houses. The "large" semi-foreign house at right is occupied by a Chinese general and one of his concubines.  This view I call 'almost like rural England' - it is looking east from our bedroom window - Chinese Workers' Housing, and The Episcopal Mission Church at far right {OC}"