"Our new walk up the hill, leading up to our new home. {OC}"

[Buildings from L to R] "East wing of the new WLH; (2) kitchen and housing for cooks and laundry folks; (3) Gracey Home for the handicapped; and (4) nurses housing. {OC}"

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"Our house on the hill - and the memories thereof...."

​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

"1.Our new house. 2.a new house belonging to a William Nast faculty. 3.'Pagoda Lodge' our first home in Kiukiang (rented). This was taken from the ladies' home where we boarded when we returned from furlough. {OC}"

"A new gate was made later. {OC}"

"Edward's favorite street: Photo taken from the front gate. {OC}"

"A glimpse of the lower garden through big trees: The photo was taken from top of a wooden stairway. {OC}"

"In the lower garden near the vegetable garden {OC}"

"A clear view of hollyhocks against the wall -- snow on the mountain and pinks in the foreground.{OC}"

"The Ploeg sisters on the steps from upper to lower garden. {OC}"

"A corner of the house, upper and lower piazza, the lower garden beyond the big trees. A corner of the sleeping porch where we can have supper/breakfast in the summer. Shrubbery is growing, and see the sundial. {OC}"

"Lower garden with Chinese residences beyond,steeple of the episcopal church in distance, the dog 'toby-san' inspecting the lawn (he is in the shadow). {OC}"

[The New Compound of W.L.H.] "The main building (center); the front gate (lower right corner); doctors' living quarter (to the left of the main building); evangelists' living quarter lower left); and tennis court (where – the strip in front of the main building?). {OC}"  {OC} = ORIGINAL CAPTIONS

"The street outside the wall behind our new home; we call the house the 'Wayside Inn'. {OC}"

[From the right]  "The new WLH main building, Chinese physicians' houses in the center along with the evangelists housing; and W.F.M.S. Home at a distant on the left. {OC}"

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