The New Isolation Ward for Infectious Cases. "Isolation ward Water of Life Hospital KiUKANG 1932 {OC}"

A Group Picture in Celebration of Establishing the First

Isolation Room for Infectious Diseases.

"This picture was taken on Christmas day (1925) just following the little dedication service of our new isolation cottage. We have cared for two cases of small pox in it since then. {OC}"

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​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

Unique Facilities of The Water of Life Hospital

Access to Microscopes!

No Kidding: Ambulance Services in 1900's. 

On the Left: "One way to bring patients to Hospital (Water of Life) {OC}"

On the Right: "This is a patient arriving at the front gate of our present quarters for the little Water of Life Hospital. One of the bearers was afraid to have his picture taken, and that has amused our young hospital evangelist who stands in the open side gate. {OC}"