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"Water of Life Hospital Staff,

-- Nov. 1929 {OC}

Wedding Ceremonies at Water of Life Hospital

Mrs. Perkins' Mother Visiting Kiukiang and the Hospital: "Bishop Ward and Mother are seated at the center next to Dr. Perkins (1940) {OC}"

"Staff of the Water of Life Hospital. 1928. {OC}"


"The day after the wedding six members of this group went off to the interior country district.

The same as Number one (a duplicate),with the exception that G.M.P.P in this photo replaces ECP who appears in the other. Kiukiang,Ki.,December 1937 {OC}"

October 17, 1936 (十月十七日, 一九三六年)

The banner says this group photo was to "Commemorate A Heartfelt Farewell to Ms. Ploeg (So, who was leaving in 1936? Likely Elizabeth) and a Warm Welcome Back to Mrs. Perkins From The Entire Staff at Kiukiang Water of Life Hospital."

"WLH Group Picture In Front of the Hospital, 1925. {OC}"


"Water of Life Hospital Staff {OC}"

Many members are missing from this photo.


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WLH Group Pictures

Methodist Church Bishop Ward Visiting the Hospital:

"Methodist Gathering: Bishop Ward Seated at the Center {OC}"

You may find here your parents, great grand (or grand) parents, aunts, or uncles. Please be very proud of them – I would be; the reason is that they too lived an extraordinary life! The Ploeg sisters, Dr. and Mrs. Perkins, and countless other foreign health care personnel, and mission workers could not have done it alone or by themselves. They worked together, and together they helped the war-torn and poverty-stricken China during Her most difficult time.
Those they healed are all Chinese People regardless of class or ideal! (他们所有帮助过的人都是中国人- 无论是从何而来)!

In front of the new Water of Life Hospital (WLH): March 6, 1932 (三月六日, 一九三二年) 

"Staffs of WLH, 1922 {OC}"

On the back of other photo (a duplicate): "Kiukiang-Water of Life Hospital staff-left to right front row: Hospital evangelist,3 Chinese physicians,Dr.Perkins, instrutress of nurses,pathologist,and druggists (modern day pharmacists) {OC}"