​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

The Young Couple In Love: But where are they?

"Kanazawa, Japan, August of 1934 {OC}"

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They were standing at the front gate
of their WLH resident.

On the back, Mrs. Perkins

wrote: "Come in the

evening, Come in the

morning Come when you're looked for

Or come without warning. Do you see the pagoda saying so too?....We look okay with the glaring sunlight in our eyes....{OC}"


Dr. and Mrs. Perkins, ca. 1950s

Trading Places: Dr. and Mrs. Perkins at the breakfast table in their home within the compound

of the New Water of Life Hospital (WLH), ca. 1931

This almost artistic rendition of Georgina and Dr. Perkins was taken in 1933 during a trip to Jerusalem.

This photo has been adopted by several websites.

Dr. and Mrs. Perkins, ca. 1930s:

Standing in the old WLH compound.

Mrs. Perkins wrote:  "Edward thinks he now looks like his dad (Edward Henry Perkins, who passed away rather early when Edward was still very young). {OC}"



"Taking a lunch break

4,000 feet above The Yangtze River {OC}"

Dr. and Mrs. Perkins Working At Their Office in WLH:  The American Methodist Church actually had been making a motion picture to document mission stories from Kiukiang, Kiangsi, China.

This photo was snapped during the making of the film.

"March 26, 1923 {OC}"


Georgina and Dr. Perkins - the best guess - just married?

Location of the picture:  Uncertain

On a steamer traveling from Kiukiang to Nanking via the Yangtze River (扬子江上坐船从九江到南京)

In the Homes of the Ploeg Family:  Grand Rapids, MI, ca. 1940s

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Perkins Throughout the Years