​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

"Bessie standing on the path from the main building to the front gate. {OC}"

"The new W.L.H. in the process of construction -

rear view {OC}"  


"The new  Water of Life Hospital Kitchen! {OC}"

"The new W.L.H. laundry building. {OC}"

Moving Day

[His Job Description]

"Looking after the flowers till moving day. {OC}"

"The new contagious ward in completion {OC}"

"Front of our completed house - showing the sundial in the garden. {OC}"

"General view of industrial schools property around WLH. {OC}"

"Water of Life Hospital:Kiukiang. A recent picture of the new building. November 1931. {OC}"

"A corner of the new contagious ward and the new WLH in completion {OC}"

"A pastor's new house. {OC}"

"The completed isolation ward in foreground,and at left background, the new W.L.H. laundry. {OC}"

"Showing inner court of hospital main building. Some day the two wings which extend toward us will be continued to the unit in the foreground which is the present chapel,and in the center will be the open oblong garden space, which gives air to hospital in the summer. {OC}"

"Sand bags covering the first floor window of W.L.H. these days (ca. 1931-1932, The Great Yangtze Flood was coming). {OC}"

"The wooden structures being erected at the new W.L.H. for accommodations of sick flood refugees. 1932 {OC}"

[Photos Directly Above and at Right]

"Kiukiang,China. On hilltop,[partial view of inpatient building,new Water of Life Hospital;in foreground,the well built by First M.E. Church of Yonkers,N.Y.

Chinese words around top of the well 'And whosoever will,let him take water of life freely.' Rev.22:17. {OC}"

Constructions of The New Water of Life Hospital: Phase IV

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"One of the three air shafts for the underground dugout connected to the Water of Life Hospital. {OC}"

"From the kitchen looking at the main building, Water of Life Hospital,Kiukiang,Ki.,China. {OC}"

"The completed isolation ward for contagious diseases at the new W.L.H. {OC}"

[The One and Only Picture and Blurred]

"Moving Day! {OC}"

"The new W.L.H. laundry facility. {OC}"

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"Looking toward the main building, Water of Life Hospital,Kiukiang,Ki. China. {OC}"