​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

A Young "Hyla Doc" (Upper Left);

Hyla Doc working at WLH Lower Left): "Kuling, Aug. 1925. Hyla at her desk in the guestroom. {OC} = ORIGINAL CAPTIONS";

Right: Hyla Doc With a New Born Baby at The Water of Life Hospital <九江生命活水醫院>.

"Our front gate doorman.{OC} "


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Dr. Perkins's brother Henry visiting the old WLH: 

[From L to R] Deanetta, Elizabeth, Georgina, Henry, and Dr. Perkins, ca. 1928.

Women Nurses at WLH, ca. 1931.

"Hyla Doc's" Mother, Ms. Stowell,

with Dr. Perkins <裴敬思醫生>.

"Some of our frequent volunteers.{OC}"

"Edward at Wuhu with Mrs. Watters and Hyla.

August 1930. {OC} = ORIGINAL CAPTIONS"

Right: Dr. Hyla S. Watterscenter: "Hyla Doc's" Mother, Ms. Ada Stowell Watters; left: Dr. Perkins <裴敬思醫生>.

In return, I quote just briefly from Ms. Landstrom's book, as she elegant wrote, ".... After I (Dr. Watters) had taught for a year and knew that I still wanted to go to medical school, Father was satisfied.  The question of the cost was settled by Dr. Edward C. Perkins.  I believe he paid my way at Smith (College)....  It was because Dr. Edward C. Perkins that I chose medicine and the London School, and China. He and Georgie, his wife, who was business manager for their hospital, were my family in China...."

A Corner Honoring "Hyla Doc"

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Doctors of WLH [From L to R]

Dr. Nien, Dr. Ma, Dr. Hsu and Dr. Hsu, and Dr. Perkins.

Personnel at Water of Life Hospital

Ms. Wang and her four daughter in-laws:  Frequent volunteers at the WLH.

For a book-memoir on Dr. Hyla S. Watters, see:  "Hyla Doc: Surgeon in China Through War and Revolution 1924–1949."  Elsie H. Landstrom, Ed. Publisher: Q.E.D. Press, Fort Bragg, CA: 1991.

In Brief:  You will have to read it! It is a great book about another Methdoist missionary sacrificing the best years of her life for China.  But here is another tribute that tells us how closely knit the world really can be.  Dr. Watters' parents have an extremely unique story that connects them to the founder of Doshisha University in Kyoto (同志社大学, 京都), 
Niishima Jo(新島襄, 1843–1890; English Name:  Joseph Hardy Neesima). Mr. Neesima is an imminent teacher and scholar in Japan, and he received his B.S. degree in Science from Amherst College (Phillips Academy then) in Massachusetts.


Dr. Watters herself had a life-long special relationship with the Perkins couple, although how they met was purely by accident in the town of Kingston, NY, where Dr. Watters' father, Philip M. Watters, was a Methodist minister (ca. 1903). 

Evidently, it was Mr. Watters who saved Dr. Perkins' life one night when Dr. Perkins was searching for Life's Answer – and failed.  It was during his aimless wondering in the "wilderness" of his post-graduate and post-law school young adulthood – and when he was about to give up, he found Mr. Watters' church, and the Verse Rev. 22:17 written on a piece of cardboard stuck on a pine tree near a cliff by the Hudson River.

WLH staff members, ca. February 1931.

Visiting physicians at the WLH:

"The relief corp.{OC}"