The Pagoda of Kiukiang By The Yangtze River (锁江楼塔)

Beautiful Snow Capped Cascades Shading Behind the City of Kiukiang, Kiangsi <江西,九江>


"Our entrance gate again with the Pagoda (大胜塔) our neighbor; not our pagoda {OC}"

"Pagoda (大胜塔) on river bank as one approaches Kiukiang; not our pagoda {OC}"

This Pagoda (大胜塔) is by the Nen-Ren Temple (能仁侍) on Ta-Ling Road (塔邻路).


The Elizabeth Skelton Danforth Memorial Hospital

(但福德醫院, est. 1901)

"Though great and broad,it is the one and only main road winding towards to the Kuling

(牯岭) Mountains (Lushan: 廬山), ca. 1937 {OC}"

"A Snow Lion" - Rare Snow in Kiukiang, ca. 1931

Post Card

Old Kiukiang, Kiangsi, in the Early to Mid 1900s

<老九江: 二十世纪初的江西九江; 原名江州, 浔阳, 或柴桑>

View of Kiukiang and Yangtze Valley from the Pagoda, ca. 1925

Kiukiang: One of the Oldest Methodist Mission Station, and a City of Two Thousand Plus Years of History.

Streets of Kiukiang ca. 1930: "Just before the Great Flood, {OC}"

​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

Views of The Pagoda (大胜塔) at the center and

The New Water of Life Hospital at right, ca. 1931

The Kiukiang Pagoda (锁江楼塔)

The Rulison-Fish Girls School, ca. 1937

(儒励女中, est. 1873)

Achievements of Christian Missions in the City of Kiukiang, Kiangsi <江西, 九江>

In Front of the Chapel on

The William Nast College Campus, ca. 1938

(同文中学, est. 1881)

 "Terraced rice fields near the foot of the mountains

(Lushan: 廬山). {OC}" 

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The Gate of Kiukiang (九江老城门)