​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

Morning Commute, ca. 1938

Nan Men Lake (南门湖)

"Casting fishing nets, near Kiukiang Upper Bund, ca. 1938{OC}"

Harbors of Kiukiang, Kiangsi <老九江的码头, 江西, 九江>

Hydroplane for Mail Delivery in 1940s

"City Wall just beyond William Nast Campus - showing the lake {OC}" 

The Yangtze River Winding Past the Old Kiukiang <扬子江穿过老九江>

"The Kiukiang Jardine Matheson Steamer, ca. 1938"; "Kiukiang - a Yangtze river steamer at pier {OC}"


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Water Taxi on The Yangtze River in 1900s

The Old Kiukiang <老九江的江岸和码头> – The River and Harbors

On The Yangtze River at the Turn of the Century

"....It would be nice to perpetuate the work songs we heard that morning.... {OC}"