​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

Harbors of Kiukiang, Kiangsi <老九江的码头, 江西, 九江>

On The Yangtze River at the Turn of the Century

"....It would be nice to perpetuate the work songs we heard that morning.... {OC}"

"City Wall just beyond William Nast Campus - showing the lake {OC}" 

The Yangtze River Winding Past the Old Kiukiang <扬子江穿过老九江>

"The Kiukiang Jardine Matheson Steamer, ca. 1938"; "Kiukiang - a Yangtze river steamer at pier {OC}"


Water Taxi on The Yangtze River in 1900s

Morning Commute, ca. 1938

Nan Men Lake (南门湖)

Hydroplane for Mail Delivery in 1940s

"Casting fishing nets, near Kiukiang Upper Bund, ca. 1938{OC}"

The Old Kiukiang <老九江的江岸和码头> – The River and Harbors

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