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More Modernized Taxi in Peking, "....still no springs on the wheels ( or no suspensions in modern words)...."

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​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

China in the Early 1900s <二十世纪初的中国>

"....another crowded place on the Canal...."

Even when they are just

Right Outside the City Wall of Peking: Heading out to the Great Gobi Desert

Sunset on the Old Victoria Harbour

The Ruins of Summer Palace (頤和園) at the Hands of French and British Soldiers During the Second Opium War (1857-1860):  An initial Franco-British Expedition against China that later saw the involvement of the US and Russia.  This second Anglo-China War led to the humiliating Treaty of Tientsin (天津条约), which essentially said, Westerners could do whatever they wanted in China–boundlessly lawless, including the legalization of opium, and that China was also to pay millions of silver bars to Britain and France for all damages accrued during the war-imagine the magnitude of burdens laid upon ordinary people to pay the debt.

The Old Victoria Harbour

The Temple of Confucius <孔子庙>

Wei-Hai Wan (威海弯)