​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

Words Carved in the Stone Above the Front Door Are [Reading from Right to Left]: 

"生命活水醫院" <Water of Life Hospital>

Views of the Main Building of the New Water of Life Hospital from Afar.

For Today's Kiukiang (Jiujiang) Water of Life Hospital – 九江市第一人民医院总院–生命活水醫院,

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[Descriptions Are Abstracted from Original Captions on the Back of Photos]

The Relative Position of The Old and New Water of Life Hospital in Kiukiang (旧的和新的九江生命活水醫院): Right Front and Back Left, Respectively.

The Kiukiang Tower or The City Pagoda Peeking Out from the Left Edge in the Above Left Photo.  The Foreground Is For Military Drilling (Kiukiang Army).

The City Pagoda: Left; The New Water of Life Hospital (新的九江生命活水醫院): Center; Rulison-Fisher Girls High: Slight left of WLH.

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Camera Flows from Left to Right: In the Foreground: Military Drilling Field; Military Barracks Are Shown in the Above Right Photo at the Right of the OLD WLH.

The New Water of Life Hospital <新九江生命活水醫院> ca. 1932