​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

An Adventurous and Humorous Account By Dr. Edward Carter Perkins <裴敬思醫生> – Summer of1913.

"To The Far East Via Siberia." <从西伯利亞进入东方>

This page (below at left) ha no page number, and appears to be out of sequence; but it was placed between pages 2 and 3.  The best guess here is that it was an insert for information originally missing but being added later on, and that he page is relevant to stories of these first few pages.  Thus, it might also be why page 3 was marked as "*3*"at the top and not "- 3 -" as all other pages.

This page was also out of sequence but was placed between pages 6 and 7. 

Again, this might be why page 7 was typed as "*7*"and not "- 7 -".

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