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Dr. Edward Perkins' Experience in Nanking and

Learning Chinese at Nanking Language School: 1913–14

<裴敬思醫生在南京和金陵華言學堂的经历: 1913–1914>

Dr. Perkins had just completed nearly a month-long journey on trains (!) that went through Siberia and Manchuria.  He arrived first in Hankow (汉口: 武汉) and then took a Yangtze River Steamer to Nanking (南京) to begin studying the Chinese Language at Nanking Gin-Ling Language School <金陵華言學堂>. 

These are some of his diaries (or memoirs) recording his experience in Nanking.

Dr. Edward C. Perkins' Other Writings

Dr. Perkins' mother, Ms. Mary E. D. Perkins, also visited him in the summer of 1913 after her son had settled in Nanking.

<1913年的夏天, 裴敬思醫生的母亲从美国也来到了南京.  她是来看她将要为中国贡献一生的儿子.>