Dr. Perkins had just completed nearly a month-long journey on trains (!) that went through Siberia and Manchuria.  He arrived first in Hankow (汉口: 武汉) and then took a Yangtze River Steamer to Nanking (南京) to begin studying the Chinese Language at Nanking Gin-Ling Language School <金陵華言學堂>. 

These are some of his diaries (or memoirs) recording his experience in Nanking.

Dr. Edward Perkins' Experience in Nanking and

Learning Chinese at Nanking Language School: 1913–14

<裴敬思醫生在南京和金陵華言學堂的经历: 1913–1914>

​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

Dr. Perkins' mother, Ms. Mary E. D. Perkins, also visited him in the summer of 1913 after her son had settled in Nanking.

<1913年的夏天, 裴敬思醫生的母亲从美国也来到了南京.  她是来看她将要为中国贡献一生的儿子.>

Dr. Edward C. Perkins' Other Writings