Shelters by the Episcopal Church.

"Poor little refugee huts with matting or straw roofs that leak;

huts built of bricks on Catholic property; bricks were for Catholic Seminary for nuns.{OC}"

"One of our special friends.  He has learned early to carry the burdens. {OC}"

Refugee Camps on the Higher Grounds of Kiukiang, Kiangsi (江西, 九江)

Many camps were set up near the Water of Life Hospital <九江生命活水醫院> if not inside.

"One of the major refugee encampment. {OC}"

"Refugees migrated from north. {OC}"

The Sheer Scale of It All:  "Refuge camps, Kiukiang (the left one taken by Mr. Todd).  These are among the five major locations in Kiukiang where refugees are staying in temporary straw huts. Showing individual huts occupied by refugees. Remember that this is not equatorial Africa and cold weather has begun. Kiukiang is just one of many,many places where there are refugees {OC}"  {OC} = ORIGINAL CAPTIONS

"Refugees and their worldly possessions in bundles at the hospital back gate. Some beginning to return to their homes. Kuikiang,China,Spring,1932 {OC}"

"At old WLH temporary wooden structures for refugees, 1932 {OC}"

The Great Flood of 1930s <長江洪水泛滥 1930年代>: Refugees and Camps

"Flood Refugees, 1935 {OC}"

"A row of refugee huts at the back of the Water of Life Hospital. {OC}"

Shelters by Kiukiang Pagodas on higher grounds: The one in the left photo is called 锁江楼塔 right by The Yangtze River; the one in the right photo is 大胜塔 near W.L.H. on Ta-Ling Road (塔玲路):

"Part of a refugee camp near the river pagoda, Kiukiang{OC}"

"Taken in November,1931;notice the Coffins {OC}"

"One of the five major locations in Kiukiang where refugees live. These straw huts have better roof matting; but there was a terrible fire the Night of January 6, 1932.  The fire started at 11 PM. {OC}"

​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

A BRIEF NOTE: Some of these photos can be depressing, and I struggled to choose which ones I would use. I eventually decided that these pictures are not to disgrace Old China in any form. On the contrary, they are history and illustrate the dire circumstance of this–or any natural disasters, especially when help has not always been prompt. These pictures are here because they can accentuate what Old China had to struggle to achieve over the past eighty-five years. Only when honestly remembering one’s past can one truly be proud of the present.

Temporary Schools Were Set Up Inside The Water of Life Hospital Compound for Refugee Children:

"Opening Day at school for refugee children on WLH property. Some of the students in the refugee school {OC}"