Surgical Removal of a Tumor.

"Dr. Ch'iuh operating (the case was one of a very large carcinoma in the neck.) At the extreme left is Miss Chu,one of the graduate nurses,who just left us this week to marry Dr. Ko of Nanchang Hospital (Susan Toy Ensign Hospital){OC}"


In the processs of constructing a new pediatric ward: Later, it was used as refugee shelters.

"The new pediatric ward when in the profess of construction--within the old W.L.H. property;it now has sick refugee babies in it {OC}"

​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

The Library

Another View with the Librarian

Studious on a Sunny Morning

Boiling Water in Preparation for Surgery

Caught in Action

The Operating Room

Views of Interior of The New Water of Life Hospital

A Corner of the Dining-Coffee-Tea Room

Some Free Time to Read

An Actual Scene of an Ongoing Operation

Observing and Consulting

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