​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

 "Dr. Perkins and his Hospital staff {OC}"


"WLH workers 1941-1942 {OC}"

"Part of the hospital group that (got) called on China New Year's day;they are standing beside our gate house.{OC}"

"Water of Life Hospital staff,nurses' aids and servants. 

Georgie took the photo,so is not in it, though a staff member.  The Ploeg sisters are at end of 2nd row at left.  Gooing to the right in the same row is a trained nurse,evangelist,lady doctor,Edward, next to Edward is Dr.Chang on medical service,,then Dr. Kao the surgeon,then the business manager & pharmacist {OC}"

"Women's Missionary society in our church {OC}"

"Happy birthday (whose? WLH?)!

Aug 17, 1922 {OC}"

"The pastors of Kiangsi Conference and a few friends {OC}"

"Some of the hospital workers who called on New Year's Day with the children to wish us a Happy New Year.  {OC}"

"Perkins Medical Family (this is what they call themselves)

They go with us to Kiukiang.

To Dr. Perkins' right is Dr. Fang (a US college grad) {OC}"

WLH Group Pictures – Page B

"Water of Life Hospital Staff saying farewell (furlough?) to Dr. and Mrs. Perkins,

August 22, 1932, Kiukiang,China.{OC}"

"WLH workers,1941-1942 {OC}"

"WLH Refugee Committee 1938

Don't lost this (photo)!" {OC}"

"Nurses, pharmacists, Staff of Water of Life Hospital

Among them, Dr. Y.C. Chang, Dr. D.C.C. Chang, Pastor Cheo, and Evangelist Lo {OC}"

"Kiukiang, Ki. 1920. Water of Life Hospital some of the Chinese staff, workers and patients at the hospital entrance, a year ago Christmas. The American flag was given (to) Dr. Perkins by the First Church Yonkers.{OC}"

"Water of Life Hospital, Kiukiang, Ki, China: staff,E (Edward) in center,Miss Vandertill at right,G (Georgina) at left {OC}"


The Ploeg Sisters    //    WLH Personnel    //    WLH Patients    //    WLH Graduations    //    WLH Children

"(about Jan 1,1942) W.L.H., Kiukiang.

- most of the staff {OC}"

"Bishop Ward in center at front;meeting with Christian workers,Methodist gathering, Kiukiang,1941.{OC}"