Okay, I get it–even back in the 1930s, they didn't plow, salt, or sand the roads for morning commuters.

Consistency is the word that comes to my mind.

Original Caption on the Back: "The hospital personnel starting back toward the hospital on China New Year's Day in the snow.... Our street is called 'Ta Lin Han' (塔岭路)." 

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"Snow covered lower garden, servant's houes and the new WLH beyond {OC}"

Winters of 1931 and 1932: Views of The WLH compound; it's rare, but Kiukiang has snow too.

"Kiukiang had a bad winter preceded the historical record flood"

​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

"Trees beyond our window February 1931 {OC}"

Winter Views of The New W.L.H. <新九江生命活水醫院> - Page C

"Looking off east front porch {OC}"

"Snow Dragon - Snow Fish?" (Not ----Man)

"Occasionally it snows in Kiukiang {OC}"

"The main building of the new Water of Life Hospital,Kiukiang,Ki.,China {OC}" {OC} = ORIGINAL CAPTIONS"