​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

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"Trees beyond our window February 1931 {OC}"

"Looking off east front porch {OC}"

"Snow covered lower garden, servant's houes and the new WLH beyond {OC}"

Winters of 1931 and 1932: Views of The WLH Compound – Rare But Kiukiang Has Snow Too.

"Kiukiang had a bad winter preceded the historical record flood"

"Snow Dragon - Snow Fish?" (Not ----Man)

"Occasionally it snows in Kiukiang {OC}"

Winter Views of The New W.L.H. <新九江生命活水醫院> - Page C

"The main building of the new Water of Life Hospital,Kiukiang,Ki.,China {OC}" {OC} = ORIGINAL CAPTIONS"

Okay, I get it.... Even back in 1930s, they didn't plow, salt, or sand the roads for morning commuters;

consistency is the word comes to my mind....

Original Caption on the Back: "The hospital personnel starting back toward the hospital on China New Year's Day in the snow.... Our street is called 'Ta Lin Han' (塔岭路)."