​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

"Sugar cane - all the Chinese are chewing it at this season. They peel of the skin & cut one long stern into many sections and sell on the street. {OC}"


[A Few Diners] Right Down the Street from Where We (The Perkins) Live

Casting at Sunset: "Kiukiang Bund at sunset {OC}"

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A Manchurian Wedding

The Local Log Industry: "Chinese Saw Mill {OC}"

Celebrating People of Kiukiang and Their Lives <敬慕老九江人和她们生活>

The People Living Near The Water of Life Hospital That We (The Perkins) Often See on the Way to Work.

The Annual Dragon Parade

On Chinese New Year's Day: "A dragon emerging from a house whose inmates have paid to have the dragon visit them and carry off evil spirits. Kiukiang, Ki.China {OC}"

The Autumn Harvest

"Water of Life": "South Gate Pond (南门湖) {OC}"

A Mercedes, a human "Taxi", and a Horse Carriage

A Fisherman's Enduring Patience

"Methodist Church across the river at Siaochikeo "Believe on the Lord Jesus & your house & you shall be saved." is on poster {OC}"

Late for Work

A Splendid View of Farmers Planting Rice at the Foot of Mountains

A Very Nice Cobble-Stoned Street: Danforth Is Down a Bit on the Right.

"A Chinese New Year dragon procession passing our home. This is a small paper dragon being carried by boys. {OC}"

The Old Kiukiang <老九江的人和生活> – Page B – Her People

"Washing at one of the Kiukiang ponds! {OC}"

Passengers Getting Off the Boats and "water carriers on river bank {OC}"

"The Pike Market"

Watching Hydroplane Landing to Deliver Mail on

South Gate Pond (南门湖): "Edward is the one wearing the long overcoat Thanksgiving Day {OC}"

A Missionary Worker Getting off the Ferry

Patiently Waiting and Watching

"A funeral procession {OC}"

Fishing Amidst the Morning Fog

"They couldn't grow Up faster {OC}"

Laundry Day: Women Washing Clothing By the River: "Foreground: women washing clothes in the lake;beyond:Kiukiang city wall-then William Nast College building, Johannaber's house at right {OC}"

"Peculiar block of iron in Taoist temple near Kiukiang. No one knows what it is. I got the old man to pose near it {OC}"