"Water of Life": "South Gate Pond (南门湖) {OC}"

"Washing at one of the Kiukiang ponds! {OC}"

A Missionary Worker Getting off the Ferry

"They couldn't grow Up faster {OC}"

[A Few Diners] Right Down the Street from Where We (The Perkins) Live

Casting at Sunset: "Kiukiang Bund at sunset {OC}"

"A Chinese New Year dragon procession passing our home. This is a small paper dragon being carried by boys. {OC}"

The Old Kiukiang <老九江的人和生活> – Page B – Her People

Patiently Waiting and Watching

"A funeral procession {OC}"

The People Living Near The Water of Life Hospital That We (The Perkins) Often See on the Way to Work.

Late for Work

"The Pike Market"

Fishing Amidst the Morning Fog

The Autumn Harvest

A Very Nice Cobble-Stoned Street: Danforth Is Down a Bit on the Right.

Watching Hydroplane Landing to Deliver Mail on

South Gate Pond (南门湖): "Edward is the one wearing the long overcoat Thanksgiving Day {OC}"

Laundry Day: Women Washing Clothing By the River: "Foreground: women washing clothes in the lake;beyond:Kiukiang city wall-then William Nast College building, Johannaber's house at right {OC}"

The Local Log Industry: "Chinese Saw Mill {OC}"

Celebrating People of Kiukiang and Their Lives <敬慕老九江人和她们生活>

Passengers Getting Off the Boats and "water carriers on river bank {OC}"

"Peculiar block of iron in Taoist temple near Kiukiang. No one knows what it is. I got the old man to pose near it {OC}"

​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

"Sugar cane - all the Chinese are chewing it at this season. They peel of the skin & cut one long stern into many sections and sell on the street. {OC}"


"Methodist Church across the river at Siaochikeo "Believe on the Lord Jesus & your house & you shall be saved." is on poster {OC}"

A Manchurian Wedding

A Fisherman's Enduring Patience

The Annual Dragon Parade

On Chinese New Year's Day: "A dragon emerging from a house whose inmates have paid to have the dragon visit them and carry off evil spirits. Kiukiang, Ki.China {OC}"

A Splendid View of Farmers Planting Rice at the Foot of Mountains

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A Mercedes, a human "Taxi", and a Horse Carriage