​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

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The Sick, The Poor, and The Wounded at WLH

When we are ill or wounded, we are the most unfortunate and not just miserable. And we need help and treatment. That is the moment when all class demarcations should disappear and when we put aside differences in ideals and religions. Access to medical care and treatment should never have been an entitlement but a natural-born human right. When I looked into some of these patients' eyes, I see hope–hope for one day when we can all live in peace, and even better, equality. I have also come to respect the fact that they were willing to entrust their well beings or lives to a group of "barbaric foreign devils" (Yang-Gui-Zi, 洋鬼子), taking an equally important step in this long and winding process of healing and reconciliation. These patients were brave and admirable.

Lining Up Every Morning for the Clinic Hours



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Wounded Arriving from the Battle Field

Captions Here: Provided Over Time

Morning Clinic Spilling Over to the Outside

Daily Morning Visits by Dr. Perkins

The Ploeg Sisters Leading the Way Making Morning Rounds