​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

A flare with fashion....

Fashionably Scott....  She indeed always had a flare even in black and white....

Mrs. Perkins standing on the Great Wall

This would have to be 1916!

Literally the day she arrived in Kiukiang:

See the Kiukiang city wall behind her.

Ms. Georgina MacDonald Phillip

at the age of 19

"6 Arthur Place, Yonkers, NY,  ca. 1901 {OC}"

"New Year Day, 1920 in Kiukiang:

Scarf is from Phebe. {OC}"

Ms. Georgina M. Phillip Perkins <裴師母>


"Standing inside WLH, Kiukiang, October 1921. {OC}"

Mrs. Perkins standing inside the Old WLH compound

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