"Volunteers at the construction site {OC}"

Lunch Shack and The Refreshment Stand.

[Left Photo] "The workmen's shelter on the new Water of Life Hospital property {OC}"

[Right Photo] "Water of Life Hospital, Kiukiang, 1929. This is the fruits and candy stand referred to in the letter, and this lad who came to the clinic stands at his father's right. 

On the drill ground there is a some sort of meeting going on.  This is right in front of the W.L.H. {OC}"

"Working on the new kitchen for WLH {OC}"

Workers Laying Down the Building Foundations

"a brief moment of rest celebrating government honoring Dr. Perkins and the building of the new hospital. {OC}"

"Laying down reinforced concrete slabs on its foundation {OC}"

"Laying down the Foundations and the first layer of reinforced concrete floor (the general location is for staff housings). {OC}"

​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

Constructions of The New W.L.H Hospital <1927-1931>: Phase I

A workman's face among many unsung heroes at the construction site. 

Workers heading to the construction site in the morning.  "Dispensary with First Church well at right.When we return from furlough,the other stories will be added to the dispensary(D.V.) In the mean while eye,medical surgical clinics are held here each a.m.;the 2-windows at right end are drug room and registration room. The path(ology) laboratory is also in this building.  Beyond you will observe house which vacated the property finally and was rebuilt on other side.Beyond is William Nast Academy {OC}"

The Architects and The Construction Workers

[Left Photo] "Contractors at Edwards' right; surveyors and others - The first stake showing location of

the new building." [Right Photo] "Workers at new WLH {OC}" {OC} = ORIGINAL CAPTIONS

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