There it is–someone at the door! Okay, you gotta be kidding me. He looks more like someone who's had a few pints than a hospital personnel (may be off duty or a soldier?) "Chrysanthemum season! {OC}"

​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

A beautiful but empty hallway...

"W.L.H., January 1929 {OC}"

There he is again!  But is he comping in, or just passing through...

Evidently, It All Began in This Rented Building for The Water of Life Hospital in 1918.

The photo above was taken on Christmas Day.

"Water of Life Hospital in rented bldg belonging to Bd, Kiukiang, Ki. China.  Christmas decorations at entrance {OC}"


The Kiukiang Water of Life Hospital <九江生命活水醫院> ca. 1918


WLH Group Photos    //    WLH Personnel    //    WLH Patients    //    WLH Graduations    //    WLH Children

Really?  Why do I start to get the feeling that no one actually works here but this beagle?

Yes! A real adult!

Maybe we should ask him if this is a holiday break (or a furlough for all) and no one works here.  

But hold on, doesn't he look more confused than we are?

A Disclaimer: I might have (re)discovered Mrs. Perkins' intended humor. 

These photos were found on two consecutive leaflets in the same album and

displayed along the same sequence as shown here.

So, this must be the WLH mascot

guarding the front entrance...

"Our front gate:morning-glory and cypress vines. {OC}"

"The present Water of Life Hospital showing the new rooms on the second story of one section {OC}"

"Chrysanthemum time at the W.L.H. Through the door you see one of the soldiers in the line march for Anhwei {OC}"

"Wounded soldiers arriving at entrance of W.L.H.{OC}" (This scene evokes the theme song from M*A*S*H*)

Oh wait, sorry, The Women of the House have arrived!

"My office is screened by the blooming crepe myrtle bushes. A massive pink bloom. {OC}"

"a corner of Water of Life Hospital Taken from court yard. Wing at right is where nurses live. {OC}"

At last, we found him. And there he stands, yes, Man of the House!

"Edward under Hospital wisteria, April 1926. {OC}"

Look, it's him again. But he appears to be a little beat.... It must have been a long day in the operating room....

"The purple (yes - imagine) wisteria lined just below a merit board that was presented by the Government in recognition of the hospital. Kiukiang 1926. {OC}"

Oh look, a real soul inside the hospital compound; but uh, I think that's a kid, no? 

Also did the season just change on us, or is it me (I just had a pint too).

Indeed, that's snow: "The Water of Life Hospital Court, January, 1929 {OC}"

"The front court of the WLH. taken the other day. {OC}"