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Many More Photographs From

The Perkins Family Collection© That Remain To Be Filed

It is nowhere near knee-deep, and so, it is not an impossible feat.  However, it is ankle-deep (the tally is now well over a thousand with some duplication). There are clear sets of photographs describing the likes of The William Nast Academy (today's 九江同文中学, est. 1881), The Rulison-Fish High School (儒励女中, est. 1873), and The Elizabeth Skelton Danforth Memorial Hospital (但福德醫院). Still, there are many unclear ones in part because I have trouble recognizing Dr. and Mrs. Perkins' handwriting, and in part, because I am simply unfamiliar with many of these people, events, places, and their names. I am working on organizing these photos and contemplating how to categorize them, and I hope to complete this task in due time. In any event, here is a great category I could see the posting.

Benjamin R. K. Sun (孫賁)
November 16, 2015

​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

The Women's Mission Society (江西, 九江): Empowered Women of the 1900s

ORIGINAL CAPTION: Kiukiang women's missionary society group