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The Women's Mission Society (江西, 九江): Empowered Women of 1900's

ORIGINAL CAPTION: Kiukian women's missionary society group

Many More Photographs From

The Perkins Family Collection That Remain To Be Filed

It is nowhere near knee deep, and so, it is not an impossible feat.  However, it is ankle deep (the tally is now well over a thousand with some duplications). There are clear sets of photographs describing the likes of The William Nast Academy (today's 九江同文中学, est. 1881), The Rulison-Fish High School (儒励女中, est. 1873), and The Elizabeth Skelton Danforth Memorial Hospital (但福德醫院); but there are many unclear ones in part because I have trouble recognizing Dr. and Mrs. Perkins' handwriting, and in part because I am simply unfamiliar with many of these people, events, places, and their names.  I am working on organizing these photos and contemplating how to categorize them, and hope to complete this task in due time.  

In any event, here is a great category I could see posting.

Benjamin R. K. Sun (孫賁)
November 16, 2015



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