​Yangtze River By The Hudson Ba​y

Oil on Canvas:

Without the Shining Knight

<Ca. 1981>

Oil on Canvas:  Frozen Shores of The Great Mississippi   <Ca. 1998>

Pencil Sketch (Cropped): Oasis   <Exhibited and Published  Ca. 1983>

Oil on Canvas:  Breath of a New Spring   <Ca. 1984>

Water Color:  By the Lake   <Ca. 1992>

Oil on Canvas:  Still Object: My Mother's Slippers   <Ca. 1983>

A Pencil Sketch of Ms. Georgina M. Phillip

Water Color:  Midwest Farm   <Ca. 1986>

Colored Sketch: Mixed State Birds <Ca. 1988>

Oil on Canvas:     <Ca. 1982>

Acrylic on Canvas: In Love   <Exhibited  Ca. 1984>

​Still Collecting

Water Color:  Adirondacks Landscape <Ca. 1987>

Paintings and Sketches Over the Years